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too-late“Welcome to the Otherhood.” That’s what Melanie Notkin, author of a book of the same name on the topic of  childlessness wrote in my copy. I don’t actually want to be part of a group that calls itself “other” but I get why she did it. So few books available show exactly what our lives are like, outside the mythology of the woman hiding out with her cats, her career, and her lonely grief. So, when a book, or an article, or a video sees the light of day, we childless women – and some men too – come out of the woodwork to say thank youRead more from my Zoomer Singles article


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Since late last year I’ve been blogging at Zoomer SinglesZoomer Media‘s online dating site, about my crazy mid-life attempt at finding love. Readers  familiar with my writing over the years know that I try to represent the rare view point of us over-50, never-married, childless women. Life looks a bit different for us renegades! You can access my blog here.

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When you’re single people love to suggest solutions. I hate dating, I think everyone does. There’s nothing comfortable about it.

At a certain point though, you feel like you at least have to try everything once. Even if it’s so those well meaning people in your life can’t accuse you of being too “picky.”

Here’s my story which was published in the November ’09 issue of More Magazine.

Meet Your Match

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