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I blame the lovely Rose Quartz earrings my cousin gave me for my birthday – the ones that supposedly attract love. Of course, that was her objective for me, though I had my doubts. But, every time I wear them something happens with men.

No kidding!

The other day, headed for the streetcar, a man started to talking to me as we both crossed the street. “Beautiful day,” he said. “Yes, it is,” I politely replied, and planned to leave it at that. Clearly, he didn’t. He promptly told me that, being from Brazil, he tended to be very friendly and “lovey,” I think he said! And to prove that he took my hand and, bringing it to his face, caressed it with his cheek.


Now, it’s obligatory for me to ask myself; if this man were tall, cute and a bit younger, would I have minded this type of aggressive, yet somehow charming, attention? But, he was at least a half a foot shorter than me and clearly not my type. (I hear a chorus of “you’re being too picky,” but bear with me here).

Somehow this man figured I was interested, likely by virtue of my not being affronted by the hand-to-cheek  gesture, and he followed me onto the streetcar. I sat in a single seat, he sat behind me, then asked me to move to a two-seater with him. I declined. He told me then that he was divorced, had two children, and by the way loves blonds and could I guess how old he is. When I couldn’t (or didn’t want to venture a) guess, he told me he was late 40s. I didn’t say a word. Then he wanted to know where I was going, what I did for a living and if I had a card I could give him so he could call me. Again, I politely, but vaguely answered all questions and told him I didn’t have a card on me. That didn’t stop him from giving me his card, urging me to call him for a drink. This was as he got up to leave. He then bent over me and kissed me on both cheeks.

I guess this is how they do it in Brazil.

So, what’s wrong with this, as one of my male friends was quick to ask? Nothing really. It’s been awhile since anyone has tried to pick me up on the street. He was harmless, it was flattering. I’m Italian, so the touchy-feely isn’t so jarring. I do know a number of women who would have given him an earful, or at least walked away before he got too far. I wasn’t offended, or annoyed, I thought he was a nice, probably kinda lonely man.  And I know a thing or two about loneliness.

I’m beginning to think I should be a little more choosy about when and where I don these powerful earrings. I do like that the Rose Quartz seems to be working as a cupid, but perhaps it might change direction a little with its target!

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